Luna becomes the fasting growing physical therapy clinic nationally, and earns ‘Exceptional’ Award from Medicare

ROCKLIN, Calif., Sept. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Luna has become the fastest growing physical therapy (PT) clinic nationally with 6,183% growth in visits during the four consecutive years since it was founded in 2018. This is higher than any reported growth during the same time frame from any PT clinic group.

Luna’s outpatient “rehab-at-home” model is shaking up healthcare and has treated over 25,000 patients to date. Delivering high quality in-person PT care to a patient’s home, Luna now operates across 45 markets in 25 states, with one of its thousands of licensed physical therapists visiting a patient’s home every 45 seconds. 

Luna has earned the trust of countless patients, therapists, physicians, and partners, culminating in its recent designation as an “Exceptional” provider by the Medicare/CMS, the highest level of achievement possible in this category. This award by the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) demonstrates Luna’s commitment to exceptional care and in particular enabling outcomes via significant pain and functional improvements for patients with lower back, knee, neck, and ankle conditions.

Luna’s rapid growth is driven by partnerships with over 50 health systems and orthopaedic groups, including Emory Health, Intermountain Healthcare and UCLA Health, to address the $2.5 billion loss in annual revenue for health systems, given that 55% of PT patients referred to a health system clinic seek care outside the system.

Luna recently demonstrated how its outpatient in-home PT saves an average of $3,000 per case for post-surgical rehab for bundled care cases, equating to Medicare savings of 55%-70% per case. 

Using the Luna technology platform, physical therapists can optimize delivery of care via scheduling, matching, and routing – as well as incorporating charting, insurance claims, and documentation in a streamlined manner. Luna has introduced many innovations in its platform, including Auto-Charting®, Safety Shield®, Luna Protocols and Care Pathways, Luna Dashboards for physicians, and integrated Luna Exercises. 

“Post-pandemic, consumers and providers are increasingly looking for ways to safely access and deliver rehab at home – and that’s what excites us about the future of healthcare,” says Palak Shah, Luna co-founder and head of clinical operations. “Our team of therapists and tech innovations makes us perfectly placed to deliver safe, high quality PT care in the patient’s home while providing critical relief for health systems.” 

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Luna becomes the fasting growing physical therapy clinic nationally, and earns ‘Exceptional’ Award from Medicare